Every platform is different. Our 15 years of experience in the industry and growing audience database has led us to develop specific strategies for each that are tailored specifically to your need to maximize your return on investment.

This sounds perfect but I want to know HOW…

Mobile Facebook targeting

  • Hyper targeting campaigns based on demographics, behaviors & pre-defined user segments
  • Look-a-like targeting focusing on best performing user groups based on existing data
  • High-level A/B testing & automatic budget scaler

Mobile Twitter targeting

  • Access to entire Twitter database (316 Million)
  • Tailored Twitter Audiences based on look-a-like accounts, behaviors, installed-app information, and more
  • Your engagement rate will increase, cost per download will decrease and new app users will be more active within the app

CPI influencer marketing

  • Find right online influencers within network to reach huge target group
  • Create viral video and/or message sending it out to millions of followers
  • Massive sharp and/or re-vine sponsored posts to become trending topic
  • Guaranteed CPI price


No matter what stage you are with your app, be it pre-launch, already launched or looking to scale it globally, Appromoters has a strategy catered to each stage, budget and pre-defined targets. Our strategies are tried and tested and we are so confident in our methods that we guarantee results!

Through hyper-targeted campaigns on mobile & social media platforms we are able to acquire the most engaged, loyal and most importantly, converting users. Every app is different and our experience in distinguishing which channels suit each client best, combined with tailored creative separates us from the competition.

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