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Best mobile events of China Joy 2018

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ChinaJoy 2018

China’s biggest global digital entertainment industry exposition is just round the corner. China Joy celebrates its 16th annual event and this year will be massive. Taking place in Shanghai from the 3rd to the 6th of August, the biggest names in the industry will put on display the best of what they offer, from the wonders of virtual reality to booths covering the 170,000 sq.m of the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

There are so many conferences, events, debates, competitions and booths to see and only a few days to do it. Don’t get lost with the other 340,000 visitors, use this easy guide of the places to be during this years China Joy!

China Game Developers Conference


China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) is the leading conference to introduce, connect and bring domestic Chinese game development to the global arena of the gaming industry. Not only will you see the best of Chinese gaming but R&D, industry insight and international investment opportunities.

During this event, there will be presentations, booths and debates on mobile platform development technologies, game engine technologies, advanced VR/AR, and game art styles straight from domestic chinese gaming companies.

Top Pick

Mobile game session

2nd-3rd August

Ballroom 2, 3 & 4

This session will cover many aspects of mobile gaming in China and internationally with key speakers from iDreamsky, Unity technologies, Beijing Fancyguo Technology, Gravitywave Interactive, Beijing ThinkingStars Technology, Netease, Tencent and many more.

Leaders in the industry will cover development and design, chinese character styles, Unreal4 development practices, tips for indie game self-publishing, maximising mobile game graphics experience and more insight into mobile development.


China Digital Entertainment Congress


This conference brings cross-border pan-entertainment integration to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Take a trip through the latest insight and developments of global games, film and television, e-literature, music, comic & animation and other key digital entertainment areas.

Many of the speakers will discuss China’s industry policy and market prospects, so global partners and audiences can understand China’s digital development industry.

Top Pick

Global Game Industry Summit

3rd of August

3rd floor, Kerry Hotel, Pudong Shanghai

This years Global Game Industry Summit will showcase everything about mobile gaming in China and Chinese development companies expanding into oversea markets. From leaders in the industry like Ourplam, Qualcomm Technologies, Hoodin, IGG, Tencent, Google Play and many more.

Many topics will be covered, including the era of mobile gaming, how to socialize you minigames, globalization, game marketing, life cycle prediction models of mobile games. The day will be finished with a panel topic about Chinese game companies entering into overseas markets.


The World Mobile Game Conference


3rd-6th of August

Kerry Hotel, Pudong Shanghai

This conference brings the elite of the mobile gaming industry to showcase new opportunities in the development of China’s mobile gaming industry. Each speaker will discuss in-depth analysis of underlying development logic within China, mobile games R&D and application. One of the main focuses will be on mobile gaming innovation and the development of the Chinese mobile game industry.


ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival National Competition

3rd-6th of August

Shanghai New International Expo Center.

For a bit of fun at the end of your stay at this years China Joy event, watch the top level of national gaming anime enthusiasts, in the greatest cosplay show that you can see in China. Last years event showcased 2,500 finalists selected from over 30 cities and over 30,000 applicants. This event has progressed from a small stage in a hotel conference room to the most recognisable national cosplay competition in China. Make sure not to miss this event with a wide range of shows, competitors and awards.


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