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M-Commerce 2019: Behind the latest trends

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M-commerce is the next evolutionary step of e-commerce, through mobile, brands can extend there user engagement and overall sales. By 2021, mobile commerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total e-commerce sales.

Over 1.6 billion people use their mobile phones to make purchases online, as the industry grows, 25% of the world’s population will become potential m-commerce clients for your business.

M-commerce can be broken down into certain types:

  • Mobile money transfers.
  • Electronic tickets and boarding passes.
  • Digital content purchases and delivery.
  • Mobile banking.
  • Contactless payments and in-app payments.
  • Location-based services.
  • Mobile marketing, coupons, and loyalty cards.

Mobile Conversion Advice

1) Loading Retention

Remember that your user could be anywhere, doing anything, this means your m-commerce app must be quick and easy.

  • Sites that load in 5 seconds or less on mobile, experience 70% longer user sessions compared to other websites.
  • 70% of users change sites to continue a task because the original site was too slow.
  • 40% of user will not wait longer than 3 seconds before leaving the app.
  • It is recommended to have a load speed close to 1.6 seconds to minimise users lost out of frustration.


2) Give Your User Control

When searching your app, there should be the choice of filter options. Allow as many options as the user wants before applying changes. Have a small tab pinned to the top of the page, while users scroll for easy access.

Conversion rates are higher when users engage with the page filter options. It has been found that they are further in the buyers cycle having a strong user experience with this tool, delivering a higher ROI and will more frequently close the sale.


3) Believe In Me

Older users have a natural distrust against mobile services like m-commerce. Make sure you include security logos that will establish a lessened perceived security risk, like Norton, McAfee, BBB logo or Google Trusted Stores labels.

Offering a Tap-to-Call action button is a great way to increase user trust in your app and longer engagement duration’s. Users gain comfort from the idea that there is a person that is available for them. This is much more preferred compared to Tap-to-Chat, which is now a standard on desktop.

At the Continue to Checkout part, use all these points with clearly visible security logos and try to integrate PayPal, Amazon checkout and other popular payment solutions, this will help increase conversion rates, check-out time and simplification with stored payment information.


4) Buttons For The Biggest Fingers

Usability is the word you need to retain when designing a positive user experience for your m-commerce app. Big, clear and easy Calls-to-Action are a must have to ensure even the biggest fingers can easily navigate through your app.

Avoid having to many text links on your pages, they are hard to tap and will create frustration in the user. This little trick will keep users longer and increase sales.


5)My Shopping Experience

A new trend that will be routinely implemented is a personalized shopping experience, 53% of customers say that an m-commerce store that offers personalized experiences, adds value to the service.

M-store owners can expand on this concept by integrating product designer tools. Product customization tools will become very common-place in the coming years for m-commerce.


6) Robot Helper

Have you ever been waiting on hold with customer service for hours and feel you’ve wasted your time? Look no further as m-store owners have started integrating chat bots as the solution to this problem.

Customers enjoy the use of chat bots to instantly communicate with the store, shorter waiting times and real-time responses. An added benefit to this, is that it can be integrated with platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, FB Messenger and KIK.


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