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Latest encrypted apps: Is your phone protected?

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GDPR has been a first step to transparent data collection but do apps make it clear what you are accepting when opting in for sharing your data. This is made even more important knowing that 75% of apps ask for permission for your private data. Only 15% of these apps were found to communicate clearly what they store and what it is for.

Developers are aware and have come forward with innovative apps to protect you, so you can manage data more effectively and safely.

Here are the top apps for managing, protecting and understanding your data.

Take Control Of Your Data

10 Million Downloads
GlassWire is a great app to save your data for what’s important. “GlassWire makes it easy to see what apps are using WiFi or mobile data. It’s useful because you can reveal data wasting apps, or apps that are constantly using bandwidth,so they are slowing down your device.

Also, some people have unexpectedly revealed malware and spyware using our app. You can tap an app in our app list to see what permissions it has, and you can break down data usage per-app in real-time.”- GlassWire

Big changes will be added in the future. “We hope to add more network related features, for example full network monitoring, plus the ability to see what IOT devices are doing on the network.”

-Clear and simple dashboard
-easy to understand data stats and what apps are draining your data
-FireWall tool is very good for managing app permissions

-Does not show types of data but only volume

Your Phones Safe House

400 Million Downloads
The next step is to safeguard your personal files and activities online. “Nowadays, we store almost everything in our phones, such as pictures, contacts, messages, documents. We link personal information and bank cards to apps and games.” – AppLock

One app that has taken this challenge is AppLock. “AppLock helps people lock apps, hide photos and videos, provides incognito browser, private SNS and intruder selfies.

There are also time/location locks and profile features to make privacy protection smarter, locking apps according to the time and location. With it, you don’t need to worry about you data in apps, any more.”

-Extensive security choices
-Easy to manage Vault to store pictures and videos

-Seems to only work for storing pictures and videos
-Complex dashboard that takes time to understand

Encryped Emails

5 Million Downloads
If you want to tell your friends about new ways to protect your data, then you’ll need an end-to-end encrypted emailing app. This is what ProtonMail is for, by offering a free encrypted email account founded by CERN scientists in 2013.

“A new email service being developed by a group from MIT and CERN promises to bring secure, encrypted email to the masses and keep sensitive information away from prying eyes.” – Huffington Post

All data from you emails are encrypted at a browser level, so ProtonMail servers can’t see what you are sending. Even if your emailing a contact that does not use ProtonMail, the messages are still encrypted and a de-encryption key sent to the recipient.

-Easy to set-up and send emails
-Works with people who do not have ProtonMail

Do We Know Enough?

Studies found that only 35.7% of app users will read the permissions that they must accept for the use of an app and 11.42% of users say they never read the permissions that they accept.

This shows that there is still plenty of space to grow the consumers knowledge of data collection and the importance of knowing what you sign up for!

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